About Faris Commerce

Zarrin Ta'm Negin Vanda Company was established in Bardaskan city, relying on the decades of experience of its managers in trade and commerce, as well as in the production with the approach and goal of exporting goods that have an international competitive advantage in Iran.
The choice of Bardaskan city for the company's activities is important for the following reasons
1- Existence of 45 types of horticultural and agricultural products including pistachios, grapes (raisins), cumin (gravieh), saffron, figs, pomegranates, cotton and also more than 200 types of medicinal plants, some of which have a very good rank in production. Has in Iran.
2- Due to the geographical location and location of Bardaskan city at the intersection of the highways connecting the north and northeast of the country to the south and the center of the country and the southern ports, it has created a special advantage for this city.
3- Creating employment and entrepreneurship in this city, which is considered as a low-income city in terms of welfare level, etc., and this is one of the policy priorities of the company's managers and special attention is paid to it.
Zarrin Ta'm Negin Vanda Company has tried to increase the economic growth of the region and the country by purchasing land with a suitable area and building a shed in compliance with all legal and hygienic standards of producing and packing food products and purchasing the necessary machinery for packing various garden and agricultural products. The creation of conversion industries has created the conditions for extensive activity in the country as well as the export of the above goods.
Zarrin Ta'm Negin Vanda Company, with the legal registration of Faris brand for its products and with attractive design under the supervision of completely professional and technical experts and completely hygienic and quality packages, has started gardening and agricultural packaging.