Kashk (Kašk) is a range of dairy products used in Iranian, Afghan, Pakistani, Turkish and other Asian  cuisines.
Kashk is made from drained yogurt (in particular, drained qatiq) or drained sour milk by shaping it and letting it dry. It can be made in a variety of forms, like rolled into balls, sliced into strips, and formed into chunks.The ancient form of kashk is a porridge of grains fermented with whey and dried in the sun.The long shelf-life and
nutritional value of kashk made it a useful item for peasants during the winter months, as well as soldiers and travelers. Kashk has been a staple in the Iranian diet for thousands of years. In modern Iran, kashk is a thick whitish liquid similar to whey or sour cream, used in traditional Persian cuisine like Ash reshte and kashk-o-bademjan etc. . It is available as a liquid or in a dried form, which could be eaten alone
or soak and soften it to use in cooking. Iranian kashk is a rich, creamy, sour, sometimes salty, nutritious and deeply flavorful dairy product.