Green Raisins

Raisins are dried grape which, depending on the type of grape and the method and conditions of drying, are called by different names. This dried fruit is rich with iron, potassium, calcium and various vitamins, antioxidants and other useful compounds.

The fiber in raisin is also very effective in preventing from colorectal cancer and treats digestive disorders, indigestion and constipation and helps reduce cholesterol.

Eating raisin cures feebleness and causes excess water in the body to dry up. Use of a few raisins a day helps improve memory and reduces the risk of affliction with the Alzheimer’s disease. Having calcium and potassium, green raisin is highly effective in controlling blood pressure and preventing from osteoporosis.

Raisin is a rich source of iron which plays an important role in defeating anemia and boosting oxygen delivery to the brain and body tissues.

Antioxidants in green raisin help remove free radicals from the blood and decrease the risk of cancers, cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

Moreover, as raisins are sweet and match any kind of taste, they can replace various snacks and sweets consumed for breakfast or as desserts.

Of course, like any other dried fruit, overconsumption of raisin might enter huge amounts of sugar and calories to your body. Therefore, consumption of an amount equal to half a cup per day is suggested.